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Why Costa Rica?

Over the past few decades, Costa Rica has become an internationally recognized center for high quality cosmetic dental surgery. Many consider it the perfect place to have surgery due to its almost perfect weather and the peaceful natural surroundings in which to recuperate. It is also much less expensive.

The lower cost is not due to any lack in quality, quite the contrary. Costa Rica is well known as a world-class medical center of the Americas where heart-lung transplants are routinely performed by some of the world's most talented surgeons. The reason for lower costs is related to the lower cost of infrastructure and insurance. Most practicing US dentists must pay extremely high malpractice insurance rates. This fact, combined with the much higher costs for trained staff and medical facilities, combine to make Costa Rica much more competitive.

For these reasons we are able to offer the same or better quality dental care than what you might receive in your own home town - only at a much better price!

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